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Holden & hsv projects

VZ SS Ute LS L76

Texas Speed BFD cam. Post run in engine dyno with a healthy 330 rw/kw at the wheels from one of our in-house built 6.0 L engines. Followed by a new 3.77 built diff and speedo recalibration.

VY - Electric Funeral

The Chop Chop that we've all been waiting for.

Another VY Commodore in the workshop this month upgraded with an Axle Co Premium camshaft package. This features not only the new 'Electric Funeral' Stage 2 camshaft, but perfectly matched with a custom ordered 3000 rpm stall converter.

Stay tuned for the dyno video.

We have been developing these camshafts for 4 years and now we finally have them in stock ready to roll out.

All our camshafts are available online with free shipping Australia wide.

Head to our website under Performance > Upgrade Packages

VE Calais

Stage 1 Axle Co "Walk This Way" Cam Package. L77 6.0 LS package that utilises standard stall and diff gears with perfect driving manners. Power at every RPM. VCM Performance DOD delete kit and OTR from Empire Performance. Full engine back system. Engine Built by Axle Co. 328 rw/kw

Electric Funeral Camshaft

Lack of power or performance in your engine? Need to improve the overall driving experience? The Electric Funeral Camshaft is the latest offering from Axle Co Mechanical, designed to maximize power and performance in early LS1-2 engines with cathedral style heads and stock bottom end designs. With an aggressive old-school sound and a power-band range of 3000 to 6500 rpm, this camshaft is perfect for both naturally aspirated and boosted applications. Now available for $595, with free shipping Australia-wide.

SS Ute

VCM 883 Performance Camshaft with a DOD delete off the shelf from VCM Performance.
Engine work, installation and dyno done in house with the Axle Co team. 325 rw/kw. - LS Engine Upgrades

VE Clubsport

VE Clubsport in for a full LS3 top end re-build and exhaust system, custom camshaft and dyno tune. Texas Speed Cleetus McFarland "Bald Eagle" Boost Cam
227/234 .600"/.600" 114 LSA In VE HSV Clubsport R8 E3 Built Engine by Axle Co Mechanical run in N/A before the supercharger

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