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axle co camshafts

Axle Co are proud to present our own range of LS ENGINE Camshafts.

They are racetrack and dyno tested with adequate piston to valve clearance on unmodified stock engines. Proudly Australian Made


Below camshafts are $595 each

with free shipping australia wide

Home D.I.Y. and workshop installation kits including tool hire (South Australia only)

available on enquiry with trade prices available


VCM, Texas Speed, Crow Cams and Brian Tooley camshafts available by request also


Introducing our latest peformance camshaft for LS engines utilising rectangle style cylinder heads and stock bottom end designs


3000-7000rpm power band with strong torque curve climbing into the upper rpm area


Designed for l98-l77-ls3 engines with great street/strip performance all round!


We recommend a 3500 stall converter when paired with an automatic transmission


This is an aggressive race cam with a serious chop idle


Great idle & race track proven.

Camshaft specs 235/243 610 111+2 LSA



Our newest and very aggressive street/race camshaft from Axle Co Mechanical.


Electric Funeral


Max power drop in camshaft, angry idle old school sound with a strong power-band from 3000 to 6500 rpm.

Built for early LS1-2 engines utilising cathedral style heads and stock bottom end designs perfect for N/A but also an outstanding performer with boost or Nitrous applications



Electric Funeral on the dyno here

Electric Funeral Idle video here


This Camshaft requires a minimum 3000 rpm stall converter when paired with an Automatic Transmission


Camshaft Specs 234-241 608 Lift 110+3 LSA





Minimum 3000 stall, aggressive street cam choppy idle old school cam

Designed for l98-l77-lS3 engines great street/strip performance 


Walk this way



Stock converter and diff gears great power from 1600RPM wide power band aggressive idle


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