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The Barnsey
  • The Barnsey


    Introducing our latest peformance camshaft for

    LS engines utilising rectangle style cylinder heads with built or stock bottom end designs for Boost or N/A applications!!!


    3000 - 7000 rpm power band with strong torque curve climbing into the upper rpm area


    Designed for l98-l77-ls3 engines with great street/strip performance all round!


    We recommend a 3500 stall converter when paired with an automatic transmission


    This is an aggressive street/race with a great choppy idle


    Camshaft specs 227-244 610 114 LSA



    Barnsey Camshaft Idle video Youtube here

    Barnsey on the dyno video here


    Note! Please check you piston to valve clearance when installing this camshaft as some 6.0 setups can be tight.

    Only 2 left in stock

      Free shipping Australia Wide

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